Lenotti Advisors keeps order!

Your specialist for Information Governance, Data Protection and Information-/Cybersecurity.


Lenotti Advisors helps you to manage information repositories and flows in a secure and controlled manner. We advise on Information Governance, Data Protection, Records and Document Management, Archives and how to structure company information.

About & Use Cases

Lenotti Advisors has broad experience as senior manager / managing director in international management consulting, venture capital management, real estate, the manufacturing industry and bank restructuring.

Specialist Papers

Lenotti Advisors informs on all topics relating to information governance, data protection and information / cybersecurity, which are geared towards optimally managing information-related risks in companies and organizations.


Lenotti Advisors provides efficient advice in the following areas.

Avoid risks resulting from not optimally managed information repositories and information flows!

Protect your company and management from risks resulting from inadequate document storage and archives!


Lenotti Advisors guarantees the perfect implementation of and compliance with EU GDPR regulations.

We perform compliance checks, provide data protection training, solve difficult data protection problems and act as external data protection officer.


Information security incidents are common in organizations.

Prominent companies regularly fall victim to cyber criminals in various ways. They are confronted with the failure of infrastructure, days of downtime and demands for ransom money for the decryption or non-publication of sensitive internal company information.

Protect valuable company data from loss and compromise or your company reputation!

Use Cases

Please find below implemented projects since 2014.

Specialist Articles

Lenotti Advisors publishes specialist articles about current topics. In German language.

Information Governance – What is this?

This specialist article describes the term information governance and the connection with information management in companies. Information governance is a sub-category of corporate governance and deals with  optimally managing information-related risks in companies...

Usernames and passwords – a tiresome topic

One would think that the days of user names and associated passwords displayed on yellow slips of paper on the edge of the screen are over. But the number of login data to be managed continues to grow. This specialist article describes dos and don'ts, tips and tricks...