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Our services portfolio

Information Governance

Information governance describes the processes, organization and technologies that are required to manage company information during its entire life cycle (generation, acquisition and reception, distribution, use, archiving or deletion) in accordance with the company’s strategic guidelines and external and internal regulations.

The aim is the active, controlled and secure handling of information repositories or information flows.

The correct processing of all information flows is ensured and information-related risks in companies and organizations are optimally managed.

other Consulting services

In addition to our focus on information governance, data protection and information / cybersecurity, we also provide the following services for customers on the basis of our broad industry and management experience.

      • Project management
      • Interim management
      • Governance / Compliance audits
      • Unified / Enterprise Search
      • Digitization – Archiving
      • Due diligence daten rooms


Information security incidents occur regularly in the day-to-day business of companies. Information is viewed by unauthorized persons or passed on externally.

Large international corporations as well as smaller national companies are regularly victims of cyber criminals in different ways. They are confronted with the failure of infrastructure, days of downtime and demands for ransom money for the decryption or non-publication of sensitive internal company data. Cybercrime has meanwhile become a global, multi-billion dollar, division of labor and extremely lucrative branch of the economy.

The attackers have military-grade tools and countless attack options (vectors) at their disposal. The attacker only needs one successful attack to compromise an organization, but the organization itself must protect itself against all possible attacks.

We protect you from the above scenarios.

DatA protection

Since the introduction of the EU GDPR in 2018, the topic of data protection has become much more important due to the potentially high financial sanctions, possible damage to reputation and increasingly digital data-driven business models.

Lenotti Advisors guarantees the perfect implementation of and compliance with EU GDPR regulations. We perform compliance audits and render data protection training.