Large Industry Services Provider

The core corporate archive of a large industry services provider with over EUR 850mn turnover and 100 subsidiaries in 17 countries has fallen into disarray due to lack of maintenance and proper records management. Legal department members avoid to use the document management system because documents cannot be searched for, are obsolete or certain country legal departments have not received training. Documents are stored outside the system in an unstructured manner which produces operative, legal or financial risks. Lenotti Advisors has analyzed the existing document repository to conduct a restructuring and other risk mitigation measures. Obsolete, duplicate documents and missing metadata has been identified and a new structure (taxonomy) for the repository has been developed. Training material and workshops covering the needs for 17 jurisdisctions have been provided. A record management and information life cycle process has been set up. Together with an updated document management policy a secure and robust storage is assured long-term.



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