Large Chemicals Producer

A chemicals producer directly and via distribution hubs exports products for approx. EUR 100mn and 15 000 tons per year into the CEE region. Upon the consolidation of the customer service center in Vienna profound documentation deficiencies concerning customs duties and VAT are identified. Also the core corporate, the procurement and finance documentation contain various operational, legal or financial risks. After analyses Lenotti Advisors has restrcutured the above documentation repositories. Appropriate training measures and materials plus the introduction of a document management policy help the client to mitigate the risks and realize productivity gains at the same time.



Paper Digitization - Data Room Structuring

An entrepreneur has acquired two biomass power plants as restructuring cases. After successful rehabilitation resale of the acquired companies is planned. For the planned sale, the present only in paper form documentation is to digitize and store them in a digital data room. Lenotti Advisors has digitized the paper documentation, structured the digital data room and stored all documents in this data room. All documents are optimally prepared for the proposed sales process and can be provided for a due diligence. As a side effect the day-to-day operative business is facilitated through better structured documentation. 

Strategic Innovation Department

The strategic innovation department of a large industrial corporation involves 15 employees. The intention is to develop measures or technologies to expand and improve the portfolio and the division. A network consisting of more than 100 production companies delivers a constant stream of ideas for improvement. These recommendations need to be assessed quickly; the results are reported to the appropriate positions.


Activities include extensive business development, regular trade shows, CRM and joint venture management. Electronic filing in combination with an elaborate search application allows the transparent evaluation of a 50,000-file database of over 50 GB.

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