Fusion of two departments

Two departments are merged as part of a restructuring process. Electronic documentation of one department is highly unstructured and has evolved organically over a period of fifteen years. The other department’s documentation follows a clear structure.  There is a high fluctuation of employees, a lot of expertise and knowledge is lost or - though existent - untraceable. Introducing a system of electronic documentation in combination with a search application solves a number of issues.


Additional processes are streamlined to manage communication between employees of different departments and regulators, assessors and other relevant stakeholders, and to maintain transparency according to internal competence and rights.



Derivatives portfolio

Critical clauses of a portfolio of approx. 750 complex derivative contracts and its underlying instruments valued at approximately EUR 12 billion need to be assessed in the shortest possible time. Details are only available in print/fax; specialized legal experts are elusive and costly.


The documentation is digitized and made searcheable. With these measures instruments needing attention can be identified quickly.



Restructuring and Workout Department

About 40 employees of a bank's internal restructuring and workout department work on a portfolio of over EUR 7 billion of non-performing credit exposures. A structured storage is not available, neither electronically nor in paper form. The employees use different email systems, no access to a common server network and important documents can be sent only via email.


The existent operational risk is a serious concern for the regulator, with no budget and no time to introduce a document management solution.


However, even this issue was resolved in a comparably short time frame. The implemented solution is still in use and represents a significant backbone of the loan and leasing documentation.



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